Jam in the ‘Dam continues to build up their overall festival presence, including yesterday’s announcement that The Bays have been added to the pre-festivities for March 18. With them the night before and the Black Crowes the night after, this is shaping up to be one amazing weekend in Amsterdam.

We are very pleased to announce that on March 18th, in the Old Hall at the Melkweg, we will be hosting The Bays. This is an amazing electronic, all improv group from England. Many of you are already aware of them, and the feedback we got on their possible addition to the festivities was 100% positive.

Admission to this special add-on show will be $25, and will go on sale next Monday on our website. We will be making the majority of the tickets for sale only here in the U.S., and any remaining tickets will be available at the door on 3/18. We plan to have enough tickets to meet demand, available thru the Melkweg website for Europeans.

More on The Bays

“The Bays then, are a live thing.

They don’t want to put tracks out and have people expecting them to play those cuts live.

That’s not what they do.

So to some extent, its pointless trying to describe what The Bays sound like.

Because when you go to see them, and you should, it’ll be completely different to the previous gig.”

They sound awesome on paper. I’ll have to check out their music to make any judgments, but it would be fun to hit this show to get warmed up for the festival.