Among the impressive listed on the initial lineup for Bonnaroo 2007, you’ll find that there are a few female performers who stand out in the sea of song this year. What’s perhaps most interesting about these is that they’re all quite different from one another, proving that there’s more than one way to be a female star in today’s world.

One of my favorite performers showing up at 2007 is U.K. pop singer Lily Allen who has taken the hyphy sounds from her trips to the and upped their energy unique sounds that simply scream out Her stage is sure to be surrounded by kids

In contrast, you’ve got Regina Spektor, another performer who takes the youthfulness of pop and alternative sounds and gives them maturity sprinkles of classically-influenced sound. Like , she’ll be drawing people to the stage with her attention-getting voice, but unlike Lily, her is more acoustic than electronic.

Drawing comparisons to both of the above performers but offering up a style all her own to the Bonnaroo set is Feist, the indie girl rocker who won awards for Let It Die and has developed her sound more completely The Reminder.

And then there’s Gillian Welch who is no stranger to the music stage. Having won awards in the genres of folk, country, bluegrass and , Welch has withstood the test of time and made a niche for herself as a strong female performer in the music scene.

These interesting chicks are not the only who are going to be sharing their skills at Bonnaroo 2007 but they represent the diversity of what it can mean to be a female performer in today’s world. Bending the rules and crossing their genres, these women bring an energy to the Bonnaroo stage that the would be sorely lacking if they weren’t around. Check out the current lineup to see who else might catch your eye.

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