has detailed the events scheduled for this upcoming holiday weekend.

First up heading into the weekend is & The Terrapin Ramble , then it switches it up and goes into a more relaxing vibe for Saturday and Sunday (July 1-2) something called Paint in the Park.

Sip & Paint for Adults;
Cookies & Canvas for the Kids
with Acoustic from
, , & Ross James
Saturday, July 1st

Join us in for a beautiful day of painting and ! are available through our website. Save your spot !
Sip & Paint for Adults: $40
Cookies & Canvas for Kids: $30
2 Complimentary Cookies with each Cookies & Canvas ticket!

** Seating is first come, first served so arrive early if you will have friends and/or family you hope to sit by. Adults and kids will have different seating areas and different instructors, if you would like to paint the kids painting with your child, we are OK with that, simply buy a kids seat for yourself! **


2 Complimentary Cookies with each Cookies & Canvas ticket! :::faints:::

Phil will be joined by , and Ross James over the weekend and “will play both an acoustic and an electric set this Saturday, July 1, as part of a day of painting for both children and adults. The following day, Lesh will read children’s stories in the afternoon, followed by a set from Lesh and The Terrapin featuring James, Grahame Lesh and .” (via jambands.com)

It isn’t confirmed yet but jambands.com is also reporting that there will be shows on July 4th.

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