Tea Leaf Green Returning to NYC

Hello, folks, you might remember this reporter from such recent posts as “Blown Away By Tea Leaf Green” and “I’ve Got a Little Obsession, Folks.” The latter title is especially fitting, as I’ve been trying to listen to at least one live TLG show per day.

A little birdie told me the band would be returning to New York City’s CODA in November, but I was also instructed to keep that tightly under wraps. I honored that request and promised to suppress this new info, but then I noticed both the CODA bar’s website and the Pollstar site have already spilled the proverbial beans.

So get ready, New Yawkers, the best band I’ve seen in years is headed back our way. November 18th and 19th at CODA, prepare to sweat your ass off and marvel at the greatness of this young, talented band. As TLG board member mackymacky put it about the venue: “It’s an old bank and the vault and safe deposit boxes are still in the basement – it will be nice to know that my dance moves, this time around, will be FDIC insured.”

The only question is…Will the TLG shows and Umphrey’s McGee shows, which are on the same dates, overlap? Decisions, decisions.

So if you need to get psyched up for this, check out last week’s incredible show from The 5 Spot in Atlanta on the Archive, or check out this TLG-related podcast from Glide Magazine.