SETLIST / VIDEO: Tame Impala Gets Cut Off Early Due to Weather @ Desert Daze 2018


Desert Daze kicked off yesterday and sadly it was plagued by some rough weather rolling through Southern California.

It’s a rare event to get rain so early in the season so you can’t blame the festival for how they had to handle things, as lightning came through in force and required Tame Impala to cut their set short after only about 20 minutes.

Then they fully had to evacuate anyone camping at the festival or get them into their cars for the evening. Tents were no longer safe.

Here’s the setlist of what Tame Impala was able to deliver before moving onto their next show up Bay Area for the Treasure Island Music Festival.

Tame Impala Setlist Desert Daze 2018 2018

Really hoping they blow the lid off tonight but bumming out for my friends who made the haul to Desert Daze this year. When I saw this lineup I was definitely hoping to make it happen, but sadly I couldn’t go and sadly the weather happened instead.

Let It Happen Was Foreshadowing

Speaking of happenings, here’s a great video of the band’s epic “Let It Happen” (compete with jam and confetti cannon at the drop) before they were cut off.

Scott from Stereogum got this great clip, too: