SXSW 2008: Let the Prep Begin

Most of the time I’ll be spending on the site this week will be geared about the upcoming indie-rocker wet-dream of a music festival that I like to call SXSW 2008. I went last year and swore that I’d do everything in my power to continue to make this a yearly stop.

First up for me is the start of some sort of customized schedule, thanks to a new site courtesy of Taylor McKnight (of Hype Machine fame): SCHED. Then, I’ll be scouring the SXSW archives for any parties or RSVP emails that I need to be sending this week (even though I opted to just buy the entire badge this year considering I’m attending Interactive as well). Finally, I’ll read every single last inch of and opt to type that into my browser 50 times a day while down in Austin instead of just making it my home page.

For now, I’ve got to get back to work but I thought I’d drop a post on the sheer amount of planning we’re doing in the background. For anyone that’s going and especially any fellow bloggers, I’d totally love to get together and share a beer while lamenting that the set change has taken too long. Drop me a line at JUSTIN @ and we’ll connect this week to get some ideas sorted out.