Summercamp Collaborations I Missed

The boys over at Relix have one great roundup of the big Summercamp collaborations that went on during the weekend. Too bad I missed a bunch of them…


Summer Camp returned to Chillicothe, IL, this weekend twister-free but with enough collaborations to still make one’s head-spin. While occasional showers cooled off the weekend’s festivities, Summer Camp’s weather held up well compared to last year’s tornado played campout. Festival headliners moe. offered three shows, including a full-segue with fellow performers RAQ. In lieu of stopping the music during its Friday evening’s set-break, moe. invited RAQ onstage for a jam leading out of “Wormwood,” before stepping aside for a 20-minute appearance by the Vermont quartet. moe. returned to the stage in a similar fashion, segueing into a version of “St. Augustine.”

Late Friday night, Umphrey’s McGee also offered a guest-laden, two-set after-hours show in a barn located on the edge of the festival’s grounds. Deep into the night, RAQ’s Todd Stoops and Chris Michetti enhanced “Hurt Bird Bath,” while moe.’s Al Schnier joined in on a jam leading out of “Much Obliged.” Members of Ray’s Music Exchange also fleshed out a bit of freeform late-night improv.

After an illness forced MOFRO to pull out of its performance, moe. and Umphrey’s anchored a superjam on the Sunshine Stage Saturday. A day later, Theresa Andersson also added some fiddle to “Plane Crash” during moe.’s festival closing show.

I can’t believe that Particle actually played three festivals this weekend, well across the country from each other. I guess I could have figured that out before, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that they rocked, and they effectively rocked three festivals hard this weekend. Way to keep busy, boys!


Particle proved busy this weekend performing at Illinois’ Summer Camp, Pennsylvania’s Jam on the River and Ohio’s Hookahville. During Particle’s Saturday appearance at Hookahville, the band also joined ekoostik hookah during its headlining set for a version of “Life is Good,” highlighting a festival filled with choice collaborations.