Summer Camp Festival had a good run…

Just as I finish getting all my Summer Camp photos posted, I catch wind of the fact that it’s looking like Summer Camp will not be continuing on in Chillicothe, IL. Three Sisters Park, a privately owned piece of property, will no longer host the event — basically because of that friggin’ Night Terror Hippie* and many others that simply came to sell, injest, or do whatever else involving drugs and taking it overboard.

“It’s mainly because of the injuries being associated with the druggies,” said park manager Chris Cassidy.

I’m definitely bummed about this, so hopefully the new festival location will still be Midwest and hopefully somewhere near Chicago. After all, it’s all about me, isn’t it?

* – the Night Terror Hippie was basically a guy that was freaking out hard on something — we’re really not sure what — and ended up shrieking his way through the campsites on the final night of the festival. Some people heard or saw him, some didn’t — but I suspect that he made it over to the medical tent at some point and might just be one of the reasons for this fizzled partnership.