STS9 Shares Livestream Video from Minecraft Pixel Fest

STS9 recently took part in Pixel Fest, which was a livestream music festival inside of the video game Minecraft. And they shared the video, which is really just a bunch of weird characters dancing in front of pixelated cathedral.

And the voice that comes over the speaker saying “We’re STS9, we’re stoked to be here with you!” is definitely not the actual voice of any of the musicians in the band.

The internet is weird now, you guys.

Watch it below or just stream it in the background if you’re looking for a brand new mix from the band.

And I kid about the video being weird, I’m just an old dude who never got into Minecraft. I’ll be over here with my etch-a-sketch and handheld Gameboy from 1986.

STS9 - Pixel Fest (Livestream inside Minecraft)

STS9 @ Minecraft Pixel Fest

Setlist: Strange Games, When The Dust Settles Reprise, Menacer, Golden Gate, Balancing (feat. Armanni Reign), New Dawn, New Day, Music, Us, New Forms