STS9 from the Balcony

STS9 will be broadcasting live over the web from two shows this week. They’re playing Thursday, 4/19 in Alabama and Friday, 4/20 in St. Louis, and both shows will be broadcast through StreamerNet.

We are pleased to announce this weeks shows in Birmingham at the Alabama Theatre and St. Louis at The Pageant will be broadcast on-line via StreamerNet! We’ll have a multi-camera shoot set-up to capture the magic as it happens LIVE with SBD quality sound! You’ll also be able to view the shows after the fact for days! StreamerNet also offers fans the oppurtunity to join in the STS9 chat room and talk about the show(s) with friends as they happen. First time streaming? No worries… StreamerNet help desk staff will be on email in real time to help you along.

The band just got announced as part of Lollapalooza 2007, so that’ll be a good chance for the band to showcase their signature live electronica sound to a rather large (and mostly new) audience. Make sure to check out the webcasts if you’re still on the fence with these guys, because I know I’m constantly impressed with where these guys go musically. You should be, too.

STS9 on StreamerNet