STS9 is podcasting. Finally.

Add another one of my favorite bands to the ever-growing list of “bands/artists that produce their own podcasts” — STS9.

Umphrey’s McGee, Wilco and Tea Leaf Green have been doing their own podcasts for a while now and I’m psyched to see STS9 join in. They announced through their mailing list that they’ve posted their first podcast up — a mix of live stuff and studio vignettes that many of their fans would not have heard yet — and I can say that it’s quite good for an episode numero uno.

Podcasting is still a silly word to a lot of people, but it’s quickly becoming an unbelievably easy way to reach out to potential music fans. Believe me, I see it more and more everyday at my day job. Big companies are turning to podcasting to reach new markets and the same should be true for the musicians — especially those with a significant live arsenal under their belt.

STS9 Podcast [Libsyn]
STS9 Podcast [feed]