is the latest festival to come from the minds of , and we’re officially in the door with a ticket! The band recently announced the festival, which will be hosted in Belden Town, California the weekend of August 16th-19th in association with Euphoric Conceptions and Cervantes’.

“We’re proud to present a new experience, a small intimate festival focused completely on music, art and community. We envision a small utopia where the music and art flow constantly.”

is slated to play nine sets of music over the weekend with three of those being live Wave Spell sets. The first Wave Spell was originally released through the bands subscription service on . The band throws out the script and allow themselves to “tap into the moment and let the music happen.” The remaining six sets will be “all-out STS9 sonic voyages. No Limits. The full catalog will be delved into for this weekend.”

In addition, STS9 has tapped into past, present, and future friends to join them over the weekend including eDIT, , Sunsquabi (x2), , Charlesthefirst (x2), , , and many more. Including a supergroup dubbed BAAD Quartet featuring (), Alana Rocklin (STS9), (), and Borahm Lee ( /).

The venue, Belden Town, has been stated to have a population of seven. The promoters have said that the residents depart for the weekend allowing full access to the town including waterfront, hotel, and restaurant. Best of all there are no noise ordinances and promoters have announced sunrise music all 4 days.

Due to the size of the venue are limited to 1200 and are currently on sale now. Find more information and at the festival website here.