Cream to Perform at MSG

According to magazine, “ will perform three shows at ’s Garden on October 24, 25 and 26. While no official statement has been made, these performances are believed to be ’s first full stateside shows since disbanding in the late 1960s. As previously reported, , and reunited in early May for a series of appearances at ’s Royal Albert Hall. the exception of a 1993 reunion at ’s induction, those three shows marked the group’s first performance since disbanding in 1968. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more information.”

I actually heard on ’s classic rock station Q104.3 that one of the key problems holding up the announcement is the fact that has some decades-old drug charges against him, and he’s ac`tually worried the DEA might pick him up in the States. That sounds preposterous, but then again, no it doesn’t…

And as an added bonus, in case the rumor turns out to be false, we found some old pictures of Cream at the self-proclaimed World’s Most Famous Arena, November 2, 1968.

For more on the reunion in ’s Royal Albert Hall back in May: Pics from Drummer World Magazine; Reunited and It Feels So Good; Supergroup Cream rises again; Believe it or not, Forbes’ take; The Guardian’s review of their first show back.

And for some Cream audio:

Cream 1
Cream 2
Bonus: The Lost Cream Tapes

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