Reuniting to save the planet, indeed!

Spinal Tap, the mock rock group with a penchant for turning things up to 11 and writing beautiful piano ballads called, “Lick My Love Pump,” have announced that they’re returning to the stage to play the Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium in London on July 7, 2007 (7.7.07). They’ll be joined by Madonna, Keane, Bloc Party, Beastie Boys, and Genesis, among others.

I waited to post this simply for the fact that I really didn’t think my little Tap references wouldn’t rise above the rest of the media noise surrounding it. “Exploding drummers.” “You can’t dust for vomit.” Any reference to the number “11.” I saw it all, and I really didn’t need to perpetuate such lobbed headlines…until now, of course.

My favorite “reference” is not really a reference at all but it’s something I’ll revisit from the past. Umphrey’s McGee sandwiched a fantastic Spinal Tap “Big Bottom” cover in between two of their originals at this show in early 2005. The quality is solid and the segue is downright evil — enjoy!

How has the band adjusted to living back at home and away from the brights lights and big crowds? This time…

….we find Nigel struggling to find jockeys small enough to ride the miniature horses he’s raising; David has been busy running a colon clinic as well as managing hip-hop acts; while Derek has been in rehab because of his internet addiction.

Internet addiction — now that’s solid writing!

Spinal Tap Reprises To Save Planet [The Underwire]