Special Disco Version | James Murphy, Pat Mahoney DJ Tour

specialdiscoflyersmall.jpgJames Murphy, the creative brain behind LCD Soundsystem, and Pat Mahoney, said band’s drummer, are headed out on the road and their taking their NYC party, Special Disco Version, with them. Last year they released the 36th installment of Fabric Live, which is a series of DJ mixes released by the London nightclub Fabric. They’ve been spinning and throwing parties ever since and soon they will be doing the same in your town. So long as you live in one of the cities they are hitting.

Usually I am quite weary of special DJ sets because hopes are always high and usually the real thing doesn’t stand up but this one has the chance to be different. Focusing on — surprise — disco while mixing in more contemporary stuff sounds interesting. Though disco comes with a negative connotation in the mainstream, those I know who are musically versed have dropped some seriously awesome disco on me over the years. Peep the posts Murphy’s Law did on Soul Sides for some good examples (scroll till you see “My Kind of Disco”). Follow the jump for some dates, hopefully coming to a town near you.

The party starts today in San Francisco and chances are Justin will be in attendance doing his best “hustle”. There are some solo dates mixed in for the both of them and that Roosevelt Hotel pool party looks eff-ing awesome. See you in Chicago!

Special Disco Version Dates

Aug 7 mighty san fransisco, California
Aug 8 celebrities vancouver
Aug 9 donuts party los angeles, California
Aug 10 roosevelt hotel pool los angeles, California
Aug 13 santos’ playhouse! nyc!, New York
Aug 14 smart bar chicago, Illinois
Aug 15 coda montreal
Aug 16 wrong bar toronto
Aug 22 fabric (pat) london
Aug 23 beachdown festival (pat) brighton
Aug 24 custard factory (pat) birmingham
Aug 27 santos! (beats in sweeney take over!) nyc!, New York
Sep 10 santos’ playhouse! nyc!, New York
Sep 18 lux (james) lisbon
Sep 19 fabric (james) london
Sep 20 better days festival (james) glasgow