Sound Opinions Podcast #3 Out

If you’re into listening to Chicago music critics Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk about their favorite (or least favorite) music or discussing what music they’d take with them on a desert island, then by all means check out their latest podcast. I like these guys, the Ebert and Roeper of music if you will.

From the Sound Opinions Mailing List…

As you digest last night’s turkey dinner, check out a brand new Sound Opinions podcast. In this installment Jim and Greg tackle their favorite question: What music would you need if you were stranded on a desert island? Hear why our hosts choose music from Dr. Octagon and the Flaming Lips as this week’s DIJ picks.

While Sound Opinions will continue to podcast, don’t forget to tune in next Saturday December 3 at 7pm for the show’s debut live broadcast on Chicago Public Radio. In the Chicago area, you can listen on 91.5FM WBEZ Chicago, WBEZ Chesteron 89.6 FM, and WBEQ, Morris, 90.7FM. In addition, stay tuned to and for more podcasts, live streaming, additional web content, and news about the show’s national availablity.