Song of the Day: Superjam 2003

I just found this show on, a real treat considering I had no clue it was online anywhere.

What do ya get when you cross legendary gibberish speaker and Blossom theme singer Dr. John on the grand piano and Hammond B3 with Phish bassist Mike Gordon, criminally underrated drummer Stanton Moore from Galactic and awesome slide guitarist Luther “Don’t Call Me Bruce” Dickinson from the North Mississippi All-Stars?

The answer: A f*cking kickass Bonnaroo 2003 Superjam.

The entire show is sponge-worthy, and I strenuously recommend you stream the whole thing here. (I strenuously recommend? Is that how it works? Recommendation. Overruled. No, no, no, no, I strenuously recommend. Oh, well if you strenuously recommend, let me take a moment to reconsider.) Sorry, I seem to quote A Few Good Men every day.

But if you’re lookin’ for some select tunes, I’ll throw out some old standbys like Iko Iko, Right Place Wrong Time, Big Chief and You Better Change Your Ways (with a Special Sauce-less G. Love).

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