Song of the Day: GSW

A decade ago I couldn’t get enough of these guys. Just behind the Grateful Dead and the popular rock band Phish, I listened to God Street Wine more than any other band in the world. As a buddy and I discussed in between bands at the Jam on the River, we might be two of 100 people in the world to own all five CDs they ever released.

Freshman year in college we got to see them in the student union, and I videotaped the intimate show from about 10 feet away. Before they took the stage, I met two of the band members, who hijacked my camera and shot themselves and me sitting outside on the lawn. I always thought that was one of the cooler musical experiences I ever had. This band I reeeally liked playing with my dinghy. Great stuff.

So here’s a great version of Nightengale from Vail’s Garton’s Saloon from October 29, 1994. And here’s Wendy from the same show.

It’s a damn shame they’re no more.