I just caught that a fellow music blogger is doing something similar to what we do every Friday around here, i.e. Phish Fridays.

Ross over at Rock Music Daily is doing an MP3 post every Monday with cuts from one of his favorite bands: Gov’t Mule. Appropriately titled, “Mule Monday,” there’s a nice archive of selections already built up. Go check ’em out.

From the intro post…

Welcome to the very first installment of RockMusicDaily.com’s Mule Monday. Exactly as the name suggests, every Monday I’ll be featuring a different Gov’t Mule song (or two).

I’m hardly versed in Gov’t Mule and the fine guitar work by Warren Haynes, even if he has been a staple in the jamband scene for some years now. I caught the Mule opening up for Dave Matthews Band many years ago and I was not really impressed; luckily for them and rather lame for me, I blame my lack of enthusiasm after that show that squarely on the venue and I never held it against them further.

Little known fact about Warren Haynes — he’s a huge pillar of the Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo plot line. “You can totally sleep with my girlfriend if you want…”

Mule Monday [Rock Music Daily]

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