Some Administrative Updates

fail blogI just realized we’ve had a few communication breakdowns on the site back-end and wanted to make sure I got some things fixed before I got back to normal posting. It has to do mostly with our email routing and the old catch-all inbox we had set up for any press releases or emails the readers would want to send to our entire blogging team. Turns out these have been getting marked as Spam and mostly disappearing from our inboxes, likely due to our long absence from the regular music blogging world. Also, our Contact form broke thanks to an outdated plugin, so I’m happy to announce that both things have since been fixed.

If you’re been contacting Live Music in the past at [email protected], please continue. If you’re a band, label, promoter, fan, friend or enemy, you can use the same email or use the Contact form. And if you’ve tried to get a hold of us in the last month or so, it’s a good idea to send your email again just in case we missed it.

I’m off to the dentist then band practice, so posting may be light until we’re back FULL-TIME next week. Yes. Full. Time. You. Are. Psyched.