Sleater-Kinney in the studio with Annie Clark (St. Vincent) © 2019

Well this is MASSIVE news! looks to be back in the studio none other than St. herself Annie Erin Clark at the production helm.

Check out this photo they just shared below. We’ll have more on this when we know more, but following up St. ’s wild last year or so promoting her , Masseduction, perhaps she’s taking that time in the studio to help release some new and announce a new tour. They often don’t get together and play unless they know something’s going to spark out of it, so this could be HUGE.

Sleater-Kinney hasn’t really been active in years, but the core trio of the group often stay busy other projects. is usually busy with stuff, but that series has officially run its course. Perhaps it’s because she wanted something more to happen with her first love, S-K.

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