Skrillex has released a new remix he’s been teasing over the past couple weeks, the jam of the year “SICKO MODE” by Travis Scott featuring Drake prominently. The song has a vibe to it that was easy to see something that Sonny Moore would relate to given how disjointed the original cut of the song always feels to me.

Well, take that version and turn it up and add some accents and serious beats behind some of the sections and bars you already knew you loved, and this remix absolutely elevates this track to a whole new level. Skrillex went to the moon on this one.

Here’s the quick teaser announcing the drop on Instagram and keep scrolling down for the full audio cut via YouTube.

Check it out below.

Travis Scott, Skrillex - SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix) (Audio)

It’s now available everywhere you can stream stuff, too.