Sirius Satellite Radio’s Jam On station is doing four-part series on the history of Phish festivals. The “Phish: Festivalography” series starts tonight at 9PM ET on Sirius Jam On:

One of the most significant and culturally important elements of Phish’s history are their festivals. From their first (the Clifford Ball in 1996) to the future fests (the upcoming Festival 8 this Halloween weekend), they’ve been putting on weekend-long getaways for their fans for nearly fifteen years. During Phish: Festivalography, you’ll hear all the members of Phish reminisce about these special events – from backstage atmosphere to golf cart adventures to their unforgettable, emotional moments. On the first episode of Festivalography, the band will discuss the beginnings of their festival history, plus Clifford Ball (1996) and The Great Went (1997).

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