Sinkane covers The Beatles classic “Come Together” (with a dub version) and the Peter Gabriel smash (🥁) hit “Sledgehammer” for Aquarium Drunkard.

Over the past dozen years Sudanese-American multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab has recorded and released music as Sinkane. This Friday sees the release of Dépaysé, Gallab’s seventh album. Always a sonic polyglot, this latest excursion finds the artist further reflecting on his native Sudan, both explicitly and intuitively.

For this installment of the Lagniappe Sessions Sinkane renders a bit from Abbey Road — as if it were an elastic footpath outside a cottage in Negril. Oh yeah, and then there’s the dub version. But first, this super humid take on Peter Gabriel’s 1986 commercial breakthrough, “Sledgehammer.”

Check out the tunes here.