Silly Black Crowes

Maybe I was quick to get excited, but now it appears the Secret Machines have NOT signed on to play NYE at Madison Square Garden with the Black Crowes. Bummer, I guess, but I’m sure this will still shape up to be one very excellent show.


The Black Crowes have once again altered its New Year’s Eve plans. Last weekend the group announced that My Morning Jacket would be unable to open its high-profile Madison Square Garden gig due to complications related to singer Jim James’ recent bout of pneumonia. A few days later, the group announced that the Secret Machines–a band whose fanbase parallels that of My Morning Jacket–would fill the vacant opening spot. As it turns out, the Black Crowes’ announcement was premature and, apparently, the Secret Machines had never agreed to support the band on New Year’s Eve. According to the Black Crowes’ webpage the band will confirm an additional opening act in the coming days.