Update: It looks like Galactic has already rescheduled. They’re playing at the Crystal Ballroom in tonight for anyone who’s curious. You can bet there might be some nice collaborations all the musicians in town…

I just got an email some crappy, last-minute news for anyone that was planning on attending Shakedown Fest in , OR this weekend: it was cancelled! TMNS.net has it, too.

According to http://www.shakedownfest.com/ :
McGregor Group cancels event 3 hours before start!”

That statement links to the promoter’s website at
http://www.lmgllc.com/ which states:
Due to circumstances beyond venue control the show has been cancelled.
contact The Shakedown Office at:
Hal Abramson with Stylus Shows
@ either 240.432.5151 or 386.432.4216
E-mail: [email protected]

Having contacted the venue office by phone, they told me that Hal
Abramson cancelled the and they are unaware of any
rescheduling of bands
[submitted by Bunson Honeydew]

Three hours before the event? Nice planning there, bucko.

I would have been so pissed if my car was packed up and I was driving there ready to spend a great weekend with great . learn a lesson from what happened last year and the year before–get your s*** together before you try and put on a jamband festival. That is all.

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