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Last night was one of those nights when you’re watching from the couch on the West Coast, checking sporadically and thinking to yourself, “why do I NOT live in ?!”

from strolled over to the Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre to see his friends , featuring keyboardist and drummer , a duo prominently part of Trey’s normal rhythm section in his Band solo projects, and proceeded to join them for 90 minutes of pure funk/jazz and tons of improv around a set of songs with even joining in for the Wow.

Scotty B at was in attendance and brought back a great review from the show. He was also able to get some clips and it just looked so incredible from the couch. Dying that I couldn’t be there.

Here’s the setlist from :

Soule Monde with Trey Anastasio @ Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre, NYC 1.10.19

Set: Slide B, Miss Miriam, Rocket , The Story, Mimi, Whassat, Bernard, Take My Hand, Elsie’s River, Allah Uya, Tango
Encore: Influence

Check out some videos that have surfaced below — can’t believe LazyLightning was also there! I know what I’ll be watching all day! 🙌🏻

Soule Monde w/Trey Anastasio - Slide B - 1/10/19

Incredible stuff right there.