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continues their tour tonight at the beautiful in Port Chester, NY. is webcasting the two-night run beginning now for just $12.99. Join us on #CouchTour and follow along for updates throughout the night. of Life is in the building.

: @CapitolTheatre 1/23/13

I: Cayman’s Review, Alive Again*, Pigtail, Magilla, Sweet & Dandy**, Land of Nod, Money Love & Change, , Frost, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Dark and Down, Valentine

II: Sand***, Corona, Simple Twist Up , Let Me Lie, Goodbye Head, O-o-h Child, Alaska, Architect, Clint Eastwood, Push On Til’ the Day%

E: Flock of Words#, Heavy Things$, Sultans Of Swing

*Manteca teases from Trey
**Request from a fan. “Don’t thank us, thank that guy.”
***Streets of Cairo teases at start
%Guy Forget Tease
#Trey Solo Acoustic
$Trey on Acoustic, “the actual Mary is in the audience” “James is Honey-boo-boo”

This show was webcast via .com and experienced video difficulties during the broadcast no available.

Tweets from the Sidelines:

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