Phish Plays “Chocolate Rain” and Debuts “You Sexy Thing” @ Madison Square Garden, NYC (Baker’s Dozen Night Six)

Night #1 (Coconut 🌴)
Night #2 (Strawberry 🍓)
Night #3 (Red Velvet 🎂)
Night #4 (Jam Filled 🍇)
Night #5 (Powdered 🏙)
Night #6 (Double Chocolate 💩)
Night #7 (Cinnamon 🍩)
Night #8 (Jimmies 🌈)
Night #9 (Maple 🍁)
Night #10 (Holes 🕳)
Night #11 (Lemon 🍋)
Night #12 (Boston Cream 🍩)
Night #13 (Glazed 💕)

Phish just took the stage for their sixth night of The Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The theme for Night Six is “Double Chocolate” so I’m putting money on either Foreigner‘s “Double Vision” or Fishman doing some play on the Sexual Chocolate scene from Coming to America. A man can dream, can’t he?!

Stay tuned to the band’s Facebook page for a free clip of each set opener, or you can tune into at any time during the run to drop some cash and watch the shows. And you can follow along here with the setlists, posters, tweets, dank memes, etc.!


SET I: Chocolate Rain*, Ass Handed, Free > Weigh > Undermind > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > The Dogs, Destiny Unbound, Divided Sky, Things People Do, Sand
SET II: Have Mercy, Chalk Dust Torture > You Sexy Thing# -> Mercury -> You Sexy Thing > Backwards Down the Number Line > Rock and Roll
ENCORE: Fee, Space Oddity

*Tay Zonday cover, band debut (lol wtf!)
#Hot Chocolate cover, band debut