On Friday night, took the bull by the the horns on their first of three shows at debuting two new songs, one a original called “Yarmouth Road” and later at the very beginning of the second set, a cover of The Apples in Stereo’s “Energy”. Both songs added new life to the catalog immediately upon first listen, and were a welcomed treat in celebrating the start of ’s 30th Anniversary Summer. The foursome didn’t just debut songs on Friday, they jammed on others including a gorgeous “Light” that slowly segued into “The Mango Song” before the band’s “46 Days > Steam > Drowned” segment took shape. Check out the full setlist and videos from the show. The band plays again tonight, same place, same time, same webcast.

Animated .gif by Patrick Lochridge
Animated .gif by Patrick Lochridge

, Night 1 – 7/5/13

Set 1: Kill Devil Falls, The Moma Dance > Sample in a Jar, Roses Are Free, Birds of a Feather, Yarmouth Road[1], Bathtub Gin, Nellie Kane, Army of One > My Friend, My Friend[2] > Cities -> David Bowie

Set 2: Energy[3] > Light -> The Mango Song[4] > 46 Days -> Steam > Drowned[5] > Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Character Zero[6]

[1] Debut.
[2] No “Myfe” ending.
[3] debut.
[4] Light teases from Trey.
[5] Divided Sky tease from Trey.
[6] Jean Pierre tease from Trey.

Notes: After Birds of a Feather, Page pointed out Ian in the crowd from “Ian’s Farm” fame and waxed nostalgic about playing there while also noting that was one of the band’s favorite venues. Yarmouth Road made its debut at this show. Energy made its debut. Trey teased Light in Mango Song, Divided Sky in Drowned, and Jean Pierre in Character Zero.

Setlist from Phish.net
Photo from @Phishfromtheroad

Animated .gif by Patrick Lochridge
Animated .gif by Patrick Lochridge