Phish 12/30/11 @ MSG | photo by YEMblog

Phish just kicked off night III of their New Year’s run at MSG. Justin and I are both watching along from the comforts of our own homes thanks to the official Couch Tour webcast by Nugs Net. We’re tweeting updates and following along with the usual suspects.

Phish: Fri, Dec 30, 2011
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set 1: Punch You In the Eye > Prince Caspian[1] > Backwards Down the Number Line, Nellie Kane, Divided Sky, Sand, Vultures, Rift, Joy, Quinn the Eskimo

Set 2: Wilson, Axilla, Piper -> Twist Around, Julius, Golgi Apparatus, 2001, Horse > Silent in the Morning, David Bowie, Squirming Coil

Encore: Boogie on Reggae Woman, Good Times Bad Times

[1] Unfinished.

[setlist via]

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