Phish closed out their summer tour last night with a triumphant finale show leaving all of the blogs in full buzz-mode this morning. “Maze” opener? “Ghost > Guy Forget > Ghost?” Yowsa.

I’m a little bummed I had to miss this one — albeit for a good cause to see my oldest friend ever get married back in my hometown — and seeing this setlist and getting a text from my buddy that said “Just shook Trey’s hand in the airport” did only contribute to the unfortunate FOMO that I was experiencing. And last night I was BBQ’ing with some friends and I would get reprimanded every time I would check my tweets for setlist updates from the show. She was trying to save me from myself, and for that I’m appreciative.

But enough rambling from me; you should be reading what the other blogs had to say about the show…

Phish slammed the door on their greatest three-night stand of the year last night, again crushing two sets of highlight-ridden music for their Denver audience. In their tour finale, the band unveiled a spectacular final set littered with buttery segues, smoking improv, and the razor-sharp musical marksmanship displayed throughout three glorious nights in the Rocky Mountains. [Phish Thoughts]

I’m sure that’s not the least bit sensational.

In sum, Phish delivered at Dick’s. All three nights. While there has certainly been too much rebarbative “rip cording” of jams in recent months, which occasionally will make even an “It’s All Hood” fan wince, there is no question that Phish has performed quite well, and consistently so, this year. Hopefully, the rumors are true about a benefit show in a few weeks to raise funds for relief from Hurricane Irene, which wrought severe damage to Phish’s exquisitely beautiful home state of Vermont. [@cdirksen for (best headline ever)]

Seriously, one of my favorite Phish article headlines ever.

While we usually point you in the direction of certain songs/jams to hear in this recap, just listen to it all – especially the second set – as Phish put one hell of an exclamation point on this tour. Let’s hope a New Year’s run is in the works before the quartet embarks on a less active year in 2012. [Hidden Track]

From The Skinny, an always hella-detailed analysis of the setlist from last night’s show. It’s a great recap for someone that wasn’t there.

Finally, I anxiously await Pauly’s update at Coventry Music. Always a fun read.

Phish @ Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Denver 9/4/11

Set 1: Maze, Back on the Train[1] > Rift > Bathtub Gin, The Way It Goes[2], Halfway to the Moon, Gumbo, Halley’s Comet > Tube[3] > Timber (Jerry) > Roses Are Free > Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2: Rock and Roll -> Come Together -> Twist[4] -> Piper[5] > Harry Hood > Roggae > Ghost -> Guy Forget -> Ghost[6], Walls of the Cave
Encore: Backwards Down the Number Line[7]

[1] Sneaking Sally tease (Trey).
[2] Streets of Cairo tease (Page).
[3] Charlie Chan tease (Trey).
[4] Low Rider tease/jam.
[5] Roadrunner tease.
[6] Oye Como Va tease (Trey).
[7] Guy Forget quotes.

Notes: First Maze opener since December 9, 1995, Albany. Brief Sneaking Sally tease from Trey in Back on the Train. The debut of Gillian Welch’s The Way It Goes included a Streets of Cairo tease from Page. Tube featured a tease of Charlie Chan by Trey. Towards the end of Chalk Dust, Trey made an “Ssssssss” sound, referring to Friday, September 2, 2011’s “S__” songtitled show. First Come Together since December 8, 1995, Cleveland (537 shows). Twist contained a brief Low Rider tease/jam. Piper featured a tease of Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers), and nonsenical vocal quoting that hinted at “Radio On.” Until tonight, Guy Forget had not been played since October 1, 2000, Phoenix (199 shows ago). After Guy Forget, the end of Ghost contained Guy Forget quotes. Walls of the Cave featured Rock and Roll quotes from Page.

Setlist and notes via