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The last time moe. played the world famous Ryman Auditorium (birthplace of the Grand Ole Opry) for Halloween in 2004, the three-set marathon included fifteen debuts of older country and bluegrass tunes and a fake redneck wedding involving Chuck, very befitting of the setting. My strong recollection of that show (besides the ridiculous costumes) included (a) the notion that moe. and its fans likely wouldn’t be invited back and (b) seeing the on-stage clock past 1:00 a.m., a definite first in the venue. When I had the opportunity to interview Al Schnier for a Vanderbilt publication in 2008, the guitarist remarked four years later that the first go-round at the Ryman was “a pretty significant night” and “an exercise in history.”

This time around, al.chuck.rob.vinnie.chuck may’ve outdone themselves, playing three of their albums in-full including Fatboy (1992), Headseed (1994) and the most recent What Happened to the La La’s (2012) (acoustic), requiring some first-time-in-the-21st-Century attempts at songs like “The Battle of Benny Hill,” “Brain Tuba” and “That Coffee Tune”. Epic stuff and a huge treat for the true moe.ron.

moe.rons @ Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN – 10/27/12 || Photo by moe. Facebook

SETLIST: moe. @ Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee || Saturday, October 27th, 2012

I: The Bones of Lazarus1, Haze1, Downward Facing Dog1, Rainshine1, Smoke1, Paper Dragon1, Chromatic Nightmare1, Puebla1, One Way Traffic1, Suck A Lemon1

II: Y.O.Y.2 > Long Island Girls Rule2 3 > Dr. Graffenberg2, Don’t F*** With Flo2 > Yodelittle2 > Spine Of A Dog2, Sensory Deprivation Bank2 > The Battle Of Benny Hill2 4

III: Akimbo5, Mexico5, Timmy Tucker5, St. Augustine5,Recreational Chemistry5, Time Again5, Brent Black5, Threw It All Away5, Time Ed5

ENCORE: That Coffee Tune6, Brain Tuba7

1 Entire ‘What happened to the La La’s‘ album (acoustic)
2 Entire ‘Fatboy‘ album
3 Last time played 07/28/2007 (392 shows)
4 Last time played 02/01/1997 (1519 shows)
5 Entire ‘Headseed‘ album
6 Last time played 04/25/1997 (1464 shows)
7 Last time played 11/11/1998 (1287 shows)