marc maron sean lennon interview

Sean Lennon served as the latest guest on the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron. Fascinating, fascinating interview…

Sean Lennon admits that he was naïve about his family legacy when he began a career in music. He also admits that when he received bad reviews for his first solo record, deep down he agreed with them. Sean talks with Marc about how he grew into himself as an artist and musician, how “John and Yoko” as the world sees them are different from his dad and mom as he knows them, and how the trauma of losing his father at a young age left him with memories that will never go away. They also talk about his work with Les Claypool, scoring films, and producing for other artists, including his mom.

The interview takes a huge and wide ranging journey between what work Sean Lennon has been doing with Les Claypool, how Les has been pushing him to shred a little harder, and how the project is all about fun and taking changes.

Check it out here.

SEAN LENNON - WTF Podcast with Marc Maron #1036