Scott Stapp Sabotages Himself

“Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail.” – Scott Stapp, AP Radio

Guess what, Scott Stapp? I think that somebody is secretly YOU.

This Scott Stapp / Kid Rock sex video story just gets better and better (literally) as each minute goes by.

First, Scott Stapp claims that himself and his would-be solo career have been sabotaged. Then, Kid Rock thanks Stapp for letting it get out there.

Now a “performer” in the sex video is actually suing Scott Stapp for invasion of privacy, claiming that she thought the video would remain in Stapp’s possession. Well, so did Scott apparently.

The only thing going for Stapp and Rock is the fact that a judge has ordered a temporary halt on Red Light’s use of the tape. Until then, we only have our filthy imagination…

Oh Scott Stapp, won’t you please continue this charade?