Scalper’s Market for Phish Summer 2010 Tour

Phish @ Festival 8, 10/30/09

The secondary ticket market is going nuts for our favorite band on tour at the moment: Phish. While your friendly editor lucked into mailorders for all three nights at the Greek, most folks that didn’t get tickets from their friends’ extras will be shelling out at least 3x the face value of the tickets to see the band on their only “extended” run of the tour announced so far. All signs are pointing to Berkeley being an absolute s***-show of fun that weekend and something worth traveling for from the heads across the country.

The top 10 most expensive Phish venues for this summer’s tour however, are topped by the Greek Theatre in Berkeley California, with an average transacted price of $170.04 for the three shows Phish is playing there on August 5-7. All three shows are sold ou

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It’s at this time that I’ll remind everyone to consider heading over to before you consider buying from a secondary market scalper that’s allowed to mark up their ticket. They recently surpassed 5,000 members and we’ll hope to see that number continue to rise.