Ryan Adams…he’s back for some reason. And he doesn’t want to heal, he wants to work. And ugh, honestly, I feel bad that he feels this way, because this latest outburst is not a good look at all.

In a series of social media messages posted last night, Ryan Adams followed up a self-imposed media silence after a report in the New York Times surfaced detailing years of emotional and physical abuse with his partners, collaborates, and sexual acquaintances. He had albums scheduled to drop this year and a big tour scheduled that was all scrapped almost immediately.

Then he bailed for a bit.

Last night on Twitter, he wrote that he has “a lot to say” and that was “going to. Soon.” Oh dear. Then he tweeted a bunch of other random stuff.

On Instagram, he expanded on that.

Believe Women.
Believe Truth.
But never give up on being part of solutions, and healing.

Meanwhile, Spin sleuthed out pretty easily that his old manager has been trying to get him on the right side of the fence here, and in a series of text messages, he very clearly details out for her that he wasn’t “interested in this healing crap.”

We’re confused. Glad to hear that someone was trying to get him some help.