Evidence of Daft Punk, Phoenix & Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Coachella 2013

Coachella-e1355763125376On top of the recent news that The Rolling Stones would likely be appearing, it now looks like you can add Daft Punk, Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (along with Sigur Ros and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) to the list of bigger artists listed as ‘probable’ (to use a sports term) to play Coachella 2013. Listen Before You Buy got the scoop via Songkick. Despite Songkick’s glitchy tendencies and apparent lack of a gatekeeper, for the reasons given by Listen Before You Buy and rampant speculation about Daft Punk’s full return to action in 2013, it seems like this could potentially-maybe-just-maybe all be true. We sure hope so. See below.

chella leak

From Listenbeforeyoubuy

A couple of days ago someone noticed that on The Rolling Stones’ mobile app they’d added a date for April 12th, 2013 to play at Coachella, and then promptly removed it. Well now it appears that the social artist-tracking and concert organising website Songkick have made a booboo and all but confirmed it.

When you use Songkick you can choose to receive email alerts whenever a concert is added for an artist that you track, and on Saturday morning an alert was sent out confirming (as seen in the screenshot below, and provided it’s not a fake) that not only will The Rolling Stones be playing Coachella 2013, but they’ll be joined by Daft Punk, Phoenix, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs as well.

Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have both just confirmed new albums to be released in the Spring so the timing would make sense, but perhaps it means we’ll be getting a new one from Daft Punk too. Here’s hoping.