ROUNDUP: Posters from Phish Summer Tour 2012

It’s always been a secondary love of ours to get some crispy posters at the shows we get to attend, and the Phish posters from summer tour (or any Phish shows for that matter) are always more coveted than any of the rest. The band seems to feature an amazingly diverse collection of artists that contribute to the overall tour, usually with no repeats between the artists until the band switches over their plans into a fall tour (which won’t be happening this year, unfortunately). So in celebration of the incredible art and all the crazy fans that wait in line three or four hours before a show at a chance that the poster is their favorite style, we’ll be collecting the official posters here below to show off the gems and help promote for the artists by including any links to their official pages for bros that want to learn more. We’ll also be throwing in the best lot posters we can find for the people that dig the lot culture like we do, too.

Here’s where it started on summer tour:

Phish @ DCU Center, Worcester MA – June 7-8, 2012

Setlist: June 7th / June 8th
Artist: John Vogl at The Bungaloo
Stats: Edition of 800, 18×24

Phish @ Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester TN – June 10, 2012

Setlist: LINK
Artist: Rich Kelly
Stats: Edition of 500, 18×24

Phish @ Bader Field, Atlantic City NJ – June 15-17, 2012

Setlist: June 15th | June 16th | June 17th
Artist: Poster run by DKNG

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