Rothbury Festival Returns as Electric Forest Festival 2011

After getting canceled in 2010, it looks like the Rothbury Festival is making a comeback in 2011…but with a new name: the Electric Forest Festival.

We’ve been hearing some occasional rumors about a return for Rothbury in 2011, but this new temporary site posted today is the most official notice we’ve seen, other than some off-the-cuff comments from Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident. SCI appears to be a key player in putting this one together, so we expect them to have the headlining slots. Other than that, we’re hearing that Greensky Bluegrass let this date temporarily slip onto their tour listings, so it’s possible the lineup will take on a more bluegrass-oriented slant.

Either way, it’s great to see this festival making a comeback in 2011.

So, besides String Cheese Incident, who else do you want to see headlining the new Rothbury?


  1. what!!! this is semi outrageous!!! i mean dont get me wong i like blue grass, but they need to have more a variety. On a bluegrass note though, i would like to see the rumpki mountain boys as a headliner then.

  2. Franti!

    Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, if it’s going to have the bluegrass feel might as well get some old school.

  3. I would love to see Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam again….an amazing blues and rock talent that you have to see LIVE to full love !!!!!

  4. Oh and I also forgot…if Neil Young is heading back to Canada after Bonnaroo, why not stop by for a solo gig ???Just Wishin’

  5. ……you gotta have Gov’t Mule and Umprey’s Mcgee…and sure id love to see Willie….and Dylan…these are bands have been very memorable….land need to be there again !

  6. BAssnectar…Pretty Lights…STS9…Excision….Keller….Biscuits…Old Crow….Lets Boogie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rumpkes awesome

  7. I think we’ll see a wide range of artists from jam to electro to bluegrass. Half of The String Cheese Incident’s members play in side projects, most of them having an electronic base to them. one of them is Dubstep! Bassnectar is probably playing, also Umphrey’s has hinted strongly about playing the festival. you can also expect some of the midwest/Michigan jambands to show up like UV Hippo and the Macpodz :)


  9. i would just die if arcade fire was a headliner – incredibly unlikely, but they’re pure magic in concert already. combined with the ethereal majesty of rothbury… i think it would just complete my life right there.

    other than that, i’d love to see STS9, girl talk, the macpodz, and bassnectar at the festival again. i’m delighted that string cheese is involved so heavily again, they were one of the main highlights for me in ’09. hadn’t heard of them prior to the festival, had no idea what to expect, and was COMPLETELY blown away during their performance. the trapeze artists, huge beach balls bouncing around the audience, projector screens in the sky… i thought my heart would burst from excitement and joy!

    clearly i’m actively reminiscing about my first rothbury experience, haha. this article got me excited and PUMPED for this summer! can’t friggin’ wait.

  10. Wow nice! 3 nights of string cheese! Thats worth it alone in my opinon. Who is your must see here? I really dig Railroad Earth and am going to see them tonite in Louisville. With guests like Edward Sharpe AND REO Speedwagon, there’s something for everyone no matter what kind of music you dig!

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