News of Trey getting back in the saddle was certainly burning up s last week, including his brief mention to Rolling Stone that he misses playing with the band so much that he’d give his “left nut to play that song five times in a row every day until I die.” Fans take such language to sound convincing to say the least.

Perhaps another sign that Trey is doing really good is that he just got booked for , the first-year festival looking to make a big splash (and minimal ecological footprint) in the oversaturated music festival market of 2008.

Trey gets added as an acoustic performance, and he joins his fellow bandmates from , and , who are already booked at the festival as part of other acts. This, along with headliners and , make this the most mainstream jamband accessible lineup we’ve seen since the first few lineups. Oh, is playing, also.

This one looks eclectic as hell and definitely worth making the trek for.

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