Rogue Wave on MySpace Transmissions

Rogue Wave – “Lullaby” [MySpace Transmissions]

Rogue Wave is the latest artist to record a session for MySpace Transmissions, a stripped-down MTV Unplugged like show that has been featuring really fantastic artists over the course of it’s relative short live life.

Rogue Wave – MySpace Transmissions [zip]

Here’s the press release:


MySpace Music is proud to announce Rogue Wave will take part in the 7th installment of “MySpace Transmissions”, going live today on This Transmission will be available for free to download. “MySpaceTransmissions” is a music program that empowers top recording artists with a new platform to create and distribute exclusive video content available for viral distribution and audio tracks available for purchase in the U.S. MySpace Transmissions underscores the company’s commitment to building unique music programming and business models that benefit labels, bands, and fans.

Rogue Wave ( was formed in 2002 and has released three albums the latest being Asleep At Heaven’s Gate on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records. The making of the album was marked by life changing events like drummer Pat Spurgeon’s kidney transplant, keyboardist Gram LeBron lost his father, singer Zach Rogue had a daughter and the band recruited a new bass player (Patrick Abernethy, formerly of Beulah). The band’s song “Lake Michigan” was featured in a very popular Microsoft Zune ad. Asleep At Heaven’s Gate was produced by Roger Moutenot known for his work with Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney and Elvis Costello.

The songs for the Rogue Wave Transmissions are:

Chicago x 12
What Difference Does It Make (Smith’s cover)
Lake Michigan
Like I Needed

All content from MySpace Transmissions will be archived and available on-demand on the MySpace Transmissions profile and via MySpaceTV ( Users will be able to add the content to their profiles and virally share the artists’ videos throughout the network, and purchase the audio tracks via MySpace. MySpace Transmissions represents a progressive music model that truly encourages artists and labels to generate revenue while still maintaining an organic and intimate connection with their fans.