Roger Waters Was Psyched on Pink Floyd Week

Roger Waters just posted this on his Facebook page.

In the wake of Pink Floyd week on the Jimmy Fallon Show, I’d just like to thank all the musicians who performed covers.

As I said on Tuesday, I thought The Shins version of Breath was an inspired and beautiful interpretation.

The Foo Fighters were terrific, great energy, great musicians, great fun to play with, thank you guys.

MGMT, playing Lucifer Sam brought back lots of memories of Syd and those early years, I thought theirs was a very moving homage to him, also nice yellow trousers and lobsters and knots.

Wish you were here!! Dierks, I was truly moved. I loved the fiddle, the pedal steel, you sang it beautifully, Hank Williams would have been proud of you.

And finally Pearl Jam’s Mother, what a fitting conclusion to the week. Thank you all it means a lot.


Love it.