Watch Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Karate Kick iPhone Out of Annoying Fan’s Hand

This falls into a special sort of category here on the site where we commend the good people, artists and musicians around us that make concerts a better place.

Judas Priest was recently in Chicago to play the Rosemont Theatre when frontman Rob Halford noticed that a fellow concert goer wasn’t getting their sight line respected. Some dude is just sitting there in the front, filming up a storm, so what does Halford do… he keeps it real.

Without really hesitating once you can tell he know what he wants to do, you can see him basically roundhouse that dude’s poor iPhone and continue on being the badass that he is. And as of press time, we’ve yet to see the epic footage from the phone itself.

You’ve got to see this video, though.

Check it out below…

The Rob Halford iPhone Incident