REVIEW / VIDEOS: Watch The Throne @ New Orleans Arena 12/3/11

The show initially ended when Kanye threw his mic and signaled to Jay with a huge smile that he had had enough. This however was not before they decided to play their song “Ni***s in Paris” as an encore, 7 times in a row. After the 4th time Jay asked audience members in the front row, “you promise you won’t be mad?” Then they went on for the 5th, 6th and 7th performances of the song. Their energy and enthusiasm never regressed and despite the repetition, the crowd only responded louder and more enthusiastically. The reception, the excitement and the passion of the artists during this show demonstrated that no matter how old they get, they’ve still got it. They also proved that after all of these years and all of these hits that they are unparallel to anyone in the rap game, a supposed young man’s industry. It is unbelievable that they can be so good, for so long. This performance was proof that the audience was truly watching the greatest rappers alive. As Mr. West was well into 1of his 7 final verses in “Ni**as in Paris,” he remarked to the audience that “you are now watching the throne”, and he was correct. Long live the kings.