Our friends over at have announced a new podcast called The Audio Hour.

What is the plan for the podcast?

As one could expect out of a digital magazine, The Relix Audio Hour is a podcast supplement to Relix magazine. Branded as “a unique audio experience for music fans of all varieties, it will present everything from exclusive interviews to concert and album reviews in a compact, easily listenable format.”

“This is a podcast for music lovers like you and me, and we hope to turn you on to some cool things along the way,” host/producer explains in Episode 1.

Their debut episode has some good stuff: , , reviews and ’s recent tour, and ’s songwriter and RJ Bee explain their new venture, the Osiris Network.

They even got to do the theme music. Can’t wait to give this a spin!

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Now available via Google Play, iTunes, Simplecast and Stitcher Audio.