Relix and AOL in Bed Together?

I just got my new Relix in the mail today. I was super excited for this issue specifically, as this issue focuses on all the hot jamband electronica acts out there right now–The Disco Biscuits on the cover, STS9, Signal Path, the New Deal, etc. I was so much less excited once I actually saw the magazine arrive.

They packaged the new Relix issue with an AOL disc. Yes, the same stupid disc that you see everywhere. In your grocery story. In your own mailbox not attached to a magazine. At your dentists’ office. I really did not need to receive this from Relix, and it bugs the hell out of me that Relix doesn’t have some sort of sense on how to bring in advertisers that matter or make sense to their audience.

Don’t Relix readers use the internet?

I personally don’t care if Relix thinks that they’re providing their readers with advertisments that are relevant to them; it’s noticable that they’re not. This could be the goal that Relix should try to attain.

I’m not saying that Relix shouldn’t be trying to stay in business. A jamband magazine needs to stay afloat somehow. Hell, if I tried to blog full-time about jambands, I’d be one broke-ass honkey by now. But, please Relix. Enough of this s***. I pay you for a subscription. I don’t pay you for a magazine that comes with a little piece of spam attached.