RE:GENERATION: New tracks from Skrillex, Pretty Lights & more

Want to hear that new Skrillex track featuring members of The Doors? NO?! Well, uhm, tough… because it’s totally something you need to hear.

A ton of Facebook updates are coming my way showing that these tracks from the upcoming RE:GENERATION MUSIC PROJECT are definitely something to write home about. The list of collaborators is stunning and even the artists themselves were skeptical about it all coming together, but based on these leaks it seems they found a bunch of new producers really stretching to produce music that’s highly listenable if you’re a fan of their styles. I definitely dig what Pretty Lights put together with Ralph Stanley and LeAnn Rimes. WTF right?

Most of the other tracks have leaked as well like the new Skrillex with members of The Doors. Read on for the streams from the new film due out early next year…

Skrillex with The Doors – “Breakn’ a Sweat”

Here’s the Crystal Method remix (with Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers)…

Hit up their Facebook page for the rest of the info and media as they tease it out. While I’m not sure any of these are going to be the bangers of the century this does seem like it will be an interesting film to watch.