wrapped up a triumphant first weekend just a few days ago, and fans that won’t be attending the second weekend (or fans recovering from the first weekend) will get to see some of the highlights from weekend two as they happen live(ish). See the schedule above and tune into http://aclfest.redbull.tv to watch via the web.

The live stream will be accessible through on the web at http://aclfest.redbull.tv, and its Android and iOS applications. is also available as a pre-installed channel on Samsung Smart TVs and Apple TV and as a free, downloadable app on Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Xbox 360 devices.

It kicks off on Friday at 2pm CST, and they plan to offer multiple channels to choose from and a channel meant for interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, and other pre-recorded stuff. They’re *also* going to be debuting a new documentary about and his tour this year called Let’s Make A Spaceship: MotherShip Tour 2014.

I know what I’m doing this weekend.