Recent Podcasts of Interest

Well, I’ll be posting another Big Cypress podcast later today (I’m working on the final mix-down right now), and it’s been a long time since I’ve opened up my podcast downloader. Let’s see what’s worth mentioning…

Umphrey’s McGee Podcast #14 |
Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Women Wine and Song > Utopian Fir > Kat’s Tune > Utopian Fir…

I can assure you that the opener is indeed epic as listed on the podcast description. Utopian Fir is one of my favorite classic UM tunes so I’m sure this podcast will get more than one listen.

Checking in with, I’m slightly surprised to see the following…

Radio DTB Extra #001
Radio DTB Extra #001 is a special edition of Radio DTB. It’s short and contains no music. In it, I read a letter that I received from BMI. This letter implies that in order to distribute the Radio DTB podcast, I need to enter into a licensing agreement with BMI (and potentially other organizations). Because all of the music featured on Radio DTB comes from the Live Music Archive (, I do not believe that such licensing agreements are required. However, until I can sort out the the issues involved, Radio DTB will be on hiatus.

Thanks for your support. I hope to be back “on the air” as soon as possible.

Uhm, this sucks for Greg. I’ve actually had something similar happen to me, but it didn’t reach as far as a “cease and desist.” I’m sorry for his “loss” and I’m wondering how he’s going to get to proceed with this. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for him. Podcast #13 Live

I’ve been reading this blog for a while but I still haven’t given the podcasts a listen. I’m subscribing and downloading right now…

Live Jambands in Holland #11

This features the third part of the SCI concert from March 27, 2004 at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Download #9 (part 1) and #10 (part 2) also.

This should be enough to keep my ears happy for the week. Anyone got any others that just got released that I should download?